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March California Weather Stats

Average High:72°

Average Low:48°

Mean Temperature:61°

Average Precipitation:1.5 inches

* Save on your heating and cooling bills by having windows designed for the California weather.

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California Windows

Where else, but in California, can you swim in the warm ocean in the morning and ski the frosty slopes of the Sierra mountains by afternoon? From arid deserts to near arctic cold, California is a state of hot, dry summers, and wet, cold winters. Depending on where you live, your home is treated to high winds, damp fog, unrelenting sun, or thunderstorms. That's why having the right window for your climate can make all the difference in protecting your home and keeping down energy costs....Read More

Replacement Windows in California

California is a state with many climates, ranging from the extreme high temperatures in the central valley to southern California's balmy climate to the winter cold and snow in the Sierra Nevada. Home in California deal with a variety of energy efficiency issues. No matter where in California you reside, rising energy costs are a concern. One thing you can do to address the issue is to look at your windows...Read More

California Window Replacement Energy Savings

Help California lead the way in energy savings by doing a window replacement this year! California has been at the forefront of many of the innovations which have changed our country. Music, movies, automobiles, highways, and computers, California has always set the standard for how it should be done. Energy efficiency is no different. Recognizing the problem at hand, California is leading the way in trying to save energy....Read More

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New California Windows: Best Choices for the Climate

Sun, Sea, and Snow Affect Your California Windows Choices You don't wear a bikini in Antarctica or a ski suit in the Sahara. California windows need similar considerations to keep heat loss or gain to a minimum. For example...Read More

Popular Window Styles in Sunny California

Is your California home in need of window replacement? The most popular styles of replacement windows in California are available in a variety of colors and materials, and they may even qualify you for a hefty tax credit....Read More

Energy Efficient California Replacement Windows

In an effort to lower the costs of heating and cooling their homes, savvy home remodelers in California often invest in energy-efficient replacement windows. Energy-efficient window replacement helps homeowners save money on their utility bills as well as conserve energy, which can help to reduce the amount of energy needed from California's utility grid--a welcome benefit instead of rolling electrical blackouts...Read More

Low E Glass in California Windows

Low-E is the industry's shorthand for a "low emittance" which is a super-thin coating that is invisible to the naked eye. The coating is made from metal or metal-oxide layers that are glazed on the surface of the replacement window to reduce and even block certain light rays - such as infrared light, IR, (which is, essentially, heat) and ultraviolet light, UV, (which can cause wood and fabrics to fade colors). Low E glass allows visible light to shine into your house, while blocking UV and IR light in certain amounts...Read More

Window Replacement in California: How to Match Your Windows to Your Weather

California's climatology is as diverse as it citizens. Sun reigns supreme in the south and Sacramento Valley--but rain can be torrential. The San Francisco coast often is foggy and damp, but travel just 20 miles inland and it can be sunny and hot. The state's mountainous regions are exposed to high levels of ultraviolet rays and significant snowfall. Choosing the right replacement windows for California remodel projects depends on what part of the state your project is located...Read More

Replacement Windows in California: What to Consider

Windows in a home can increase comfort, aesthetics, and value; allow in natural light and fresh air; and provide outdoor views for those inside. They also can help insulate your home and, in the process, reduce your overall energy costs...Read More